Adult Child
    Standard Reduced Standard Reduced
Ringside ringside 24 22 22 20
Circle circle 20 18 18 16
Grandstand grandstand 16 14 14 12
In der Pause können Sie die Tierschau besuchen. In der Manege findet das beliebte Ponyreiten statt.
Pony rides € 2   Zoo € 2
Pony riding takes place under the supervision of trained staff.
For the protection of the animals, we do not ask the animals to feed any food brought along. You are welcome to donate suitable feedstuffs for animals such as old bread, fruit, etc. to our employees.
icon rollstuhlYou may also visit our circus with Your wheelchair. We kindly ask You to call
+43 664 86 20 237 in advance to get the required space prepared for Your visit.